About us

About us

New Shi Fa Fertilizer Company was established in 1999. We focus on research and development of producing mixed fermented fertilizer through animal and plant extracted resources, and have invented various new fertilizing products in view of broadening domestic and foreign market and maintaining stable growth. Biotechnology, green energy and environmental protection are the basis of our future development from Taiwan to Globalization.



Established in 1999, New Shi Fa is located at Tainan Guantian Industrial Park and is one of the earliest fertilizer factories in Taiwan. We started to produce granular mixed fermented organic compound fertilizer. New Shi Fa emphasizes on honor and innovation, develops good reputation and credibility in the industry.


New Shi Fa started to design and develop water-soluble fertilizers and new producing equipment, successfully produced various water-soluble fertilizers, exclusive products for growing period, blossom period and ending period.


New Shi Fa conducted researches on the valuable resources from animal and plant extracts with high technology in aim to improve product quality and variety for every growing period.


New Shi Fa researched liquid and condensed nutrient as well as fermentation equipment, amino acid and various biotechnological products.


New Shi Fa developed Natto Enzyme water-soluble fertilizer, successfully produced valuable Natto Enzyme water soluble fertilizer products.


New Shi Fa, in cooperation with Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology, developed Biochar Carbon Fertilizer, pyrolysis technology and related producing equipment. And simultaneously, Tainan city government granted us the award of "SBIR Innovative Research of Local Industry Promotion Project".

Our Organizational Structure

Our Goal

New Shi Fa holds fast to biotechnology, green energy and environmental protection. We regard globalization as encouragement to promote agriculture sustainability, renewable resources, in view of better environment. We aim to create new agricultural vitality and fulfill enterprise internationalization.

Our Future Orientation

-        Reduce Carbon Use

-        Promote Green Industry

-        Promote Low-carbon Construction

-        Complete Resource and Technology Integration

-        Establish Completed Green Agricultural Industrial Chain

-        Regard Honor and Innovation as Core Values

-        Provide the Best Service for Our Customers

Our Management Philosophy

Vision: We attempt to stay close to beings, to be good at heart, therefore, through nature to achieve sustainable development.

Mission: Sustain Agriculture - Enable Renewable Resources - Better The Environment

Core Value: Honor - Innovation