NSF's Controlled Release Fertilizer (NPK16-16-8-2(MgO)+)

NSF's Controlled Release Fertilizer (NPK16-16-8-2(MgO)+)

NSF's CRF (Controlled Release Fertilizer)

(NPK 16-16-8-2(MgO)+) 

Components Percentage
Total Nitrogen 16.0%
Phosphoric Anhydride 16.0%
Water-soluble Potassium Oxide 8.0%
Water-soluble Magnesium Oxide 2.0%



Product Characteristics:
1) Won't cause fertilizer burn. Suitable for plants requiring CRF like orchids, seedlings, etc.
2) Conducive to increase Beneficial Microorganisms, activating and improving soil structure. 
3) Completely dissolved and utilized without waste.